Welcome to the 2022 International Mini and Youth Netball Series

About the International Mini and Youth Netball Series

The International Mini & Youth Netball Series aims to bring together teams from around the UK as well as abroad so that your team, plays teams you have not met previously, and hopefully do not meet during your regular season.

This is a tour for all the family with other activities available in between netball matches.

The International Mini and Youth Netball Series 2021 will run alongside the International Mini and Youth Rugby Series at Chichester ,West Sussex (PO19 1SB) now in its 13th year. This year the dates and venue are:

Friday 30 April and Saturday 1 May 2022 at Chichester, West Sussex (PO19 1SB)

To Register-please complete the registration form OR call us on 01628 600230 or email: rugby@internationalminirugby.com

The Netball Competition

With 5 outdoor courts and 1 indoor court: Over the last 10 years at Chichester:

  • No matches have been lost to weather
  • No playing days have been lost to bad weather
  • We run the playing schedule to time

Features of the Competition

  • The competition is for Age Groups Under 8 all the way to Under 16
  • Under 8 to Under 10 will play High Fives
  • Matches will be 6 to 10 minutes each way, 12 to 20minutes in duration.
  • This is a two day competition. All teams play on both days
  • Teams will be guaranteed to play 6 to 9 games over the two days.
  • Teams will play against at least 5 other teams.
  • In 2019 (2020 & 21 Pandemic) the following activities were available in between matches:Climbing Wall / Trampolining / Subsidised Portrait Artist / Parents Competition and in 2022 we hope to add at least one other Activity.
  • All players receive a medal / plaque at the Trophy Presentation.
  • Each Age Group competition has a Cup for the Team Winner and Team Runners Up
  • A number of Accommodation options are available.