International Mini and Youth Netball Series – Rules

All games will be played to England Netball rules.  

Match Duration

Matches will be from 6 to 10 minutes each way depending on the Age group and the number of teams in each playing group. Total match duration between 12 to 20 minutes with 2 minutes half time and 3 minutes between games.

Extra time will be allowed to take a penalty shot, if it has been awarded before the final whistle.  

Squad Sizes

We do not wish clubs to leave players behind because of the defined squad sizes. Clubs can therefore enter as many teams/squads as they wish into each Age Group. Normally we would not have more than 8 teams in one playing Group but often have more than one playing group per age group. Your teams, if you enter more than one in an age group, would be equally spread across the playing groups.

Squad Numbers – as per England Netball Rules

U11,U12,U13,U14, U15 and U16 will have a maximum squad of 12

U8, U9, & U10’s a maximum squad of 9

Umpires– each team must bring a C level award umpire who will only umpire when their team is not playing.Enter three teams then 3 umpires are required.

Umpires/Coaches Responsibilities Bibs shall be worn with playing initials front and back. All jewellery, watches and piercings should be removed and fingernails cut short. Umpires will ONLY umpire when their team are not playing.

Score Cards   Will be provided to Umpires.

Scoring Points will be awarded as follows:  5 points for a win  3 points for a draw  1 point to the losing team if they score 50% or more of the opponents score  0 points to the losing team if they score less than 50% of the opponents score.   

In event of a tie on points at the end of the section, goal difference will decide the placing (goals for, minus goals against). 

Format – We play a league format across the two days playing every other team in your age group. Each playing group has its own Winners and Runners up teams that receive cups and all players receive a plaque / shield.

Injury/Illness   Substitution is only allowed for an injury or illness during the game by the team of the  injured player.  The substitute must be ready to go on court immediately and may only  substitute the position of the injured player.  The injured player is NOT allowed to return to the match in that half if substituted.  Both teams may substitute and/or change at half time.   

Please note there is no added time for injuries. 

First Aid– First Aid Cover for each tournament will be provided but each Netball Club / Team  should have their own first aider and first aid bag with the necessary kit for each team. Managers and Coaches should also know if players are carrying any existing or reoccurring injuries.

Tournament Referee   The tournament referee reserves the right to alter the format of play and to make any other amendments to the programme and regulations if appropriate.  The tournament referee’s decision will be final in any case of a dispute.  

Officials/Spectators   At the start of the game, the team bench must be at their defending end and be to the right of the post – and must remain there for the duration of the game.  No Spectators are allowed to go within the court areas, except where indicated.

Liability   AcumenEdge Ltd, the Tournament Organisers, Chichester College, Bishop Luffa School cannot accept liability whatsoever in respect of personal injury which players, officials or  spectators sustain nor responsibility for any loss of valuables or clothing.