Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on 2 April 2022

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What about Referees?

The RFU  recommends the best people to referee age groups Under 7 to Under 15 are parents of current players in those Age Groups as it is safer. They also have a greater understanding,knowledge,experience and application of the Regulation 15.

Each team is expected to bring with them one referee per team entered.. Age group referees will be scheduled to referee when their teams are not playing so they are able to watch and support their own team. 

Failure to bring a referee will resultin your team being penalised 1 league point (not match point) per game missed.

Anybody wishing to referee more games throughout the weekend is welcome please email us at

Copies of Regulation 15 can be found at Downloads

When are Entry Tickets despatched?
All visitors / attendees at the International Mini Rugby Series and International Youth Series will require an entry ticket. These are despatched to club / team organisers approximately two weeks prior to each event. 

 There is no entry on the days without a pre-paid ticket. Tickets can only be purchased via club / team organisers and are not sold on the days of the events. 

 To speed up entry to each festival please have your tickets ready, available to show to security at the entry gates. 

What First Aid cover is provided
First Aid Cover for each tournament will be provided but each Rugby Club should have their own first aider and first aid bag with the necessary kit for each team. 

What are the Pitch Sizes used at the Festivals?
The International Mini Rugby Series will use pitches marked out as near as possible to the RFU Regulation 15 guidelines which are as follows:-

10.1 The maximum pitch size is

(a) Under 7-20 metres by 12 metres (new rules) 
 (b) Under 8 – 45 metres by 22 metres (new rules) 
 (c) Under 9 – 60 metres x 30 metres (new rules) 
 (d) Under 10 – 60 metres by 35 metres, plus 5 metres for each in goal area. 
 (e) Under 11 and Under 12 – 60 metres by 43 metres, plus 5 metres for each in goal area. Provision should be made to indicate the position of the line metres out from each goal line, serving a similar purpose to the 22 metre line in the iRB Laws of the Game. 

10.2 Reduced pitch sizes are acceptable provided this is agreed between the officiating referee and coaches, and the smaller pitches do not materially increase the risk of injury to players. 

 This measurements maybe much larger than most rugby clubs are able to provide on a normal Sunday as there are so many age groups to accommodate. At the International Mini Rugby Series the pitches are as close as we can get to the measurements outlined above.

What is the format of the competition?
The tournaments are played on a league basis so you play every other team in your Age Group competition. Games will be played both with a minimum of 3 or 4 on the Saturday and 3 on the Sunday.Younger age groups may have more games per day but shorter durations.

We play slightly longer tournament matches but always comply with the RFU guidelines for the number of minutes played by each Age Group team per day. So depending on Age Group teams will be playing from 50 to 80 minutes of rugby per day. In evitably there will be gaps between games but we try to plan that these gaps do not exceed 1 hour except for the lunch interval. 

What Trophies and Medals are Presented?
Medals, or something similar, will be provided for each entrant/competitor on the final day of Competition. 

An International Mini Rugby Series Trophy will be provided for each team age group winner and runner up.

Medal presentations will take place on the last day of Competition.

Are Dogs and Other Pets Allowed at the Festivals?
Sorry but Dogs and Other Pets are not allowed at all the venues. 

What about Insurance?
All Rugby Clubs players must be insured both on and off the playing field. AcumenEdge Ltd does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, theft or damage to property. AcumenEdge Ltd is in no way responsible for injury or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events. Participants from countries that have no medical insurance agreement with Great Britain must have personal medical insurance.

AcumenEdge Ltd cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions, which could result in cancellation of fixtures by third parties.

Holiday Insurance 
 All Rugby Clubs’ families taking accommodation must be insured in case of cancellation of the event / festival and / or cancellation of the accommodation by the accommodation supplier as a result of force majeure or economic loss. 
 AcumenEdge Ltd only acts as a broker between the Rugby Clubs and the accommodation suppliers so is in no way liable should these suppliers suffer economic loss or go into liquidation / receivership. 
 All families are advised to have their own holiday insurance cover for the period covering the festival they are attending. Should any Festival be cancelled after 23 January 2017 due to bad weather, economic loss, force majeure no payments are refundable. 
 AcumenEdge Ltd is in no way responsible for economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades or similar events.

How many players per team?
Team numbers are in accordance with the RFU Regulation 15.

Playing numbers

U7                           4  players (new rules) 
 U8                           6  players (new rules) 
 U9                           7  players (new rules) 
 U10                         8  players (new rules) 
 U11                          9 players(new rules) 
 U12                          12 players(new rules)

  • Under 13 – 13 a side- Size 4 Ball
  • Under 14 – 15 a side – Size 4 Ball
  • Under 15 – 15 a side – Size 5 Ball

Under 13 to Under 15 Squad Size – 22 players

What are the Squad Sizes?
Maximum Squad sizes    

U7                    7      U8              9 
 U9                    12     U10            12 
 U11                   14    U12            16

 Coaches to decide how small their squad can be in accordance with the RFU Continuum.

How many teams can I enter at each age group?
As many as you like. The emphasis is on every body maximising their playing time per day no matter what level they play. We want clubs to travel with all those in each age group who wish to play.

We will try and avoid teams from the same club playing each other which could be a scenario on the second day of play.

What if I only have enough players for 1.5 or 2.5 teams?
Please do not stop anybody from coming on tour -we wish to maximise the playing time and the number of those playing rugby. So where you have enough players for 1.5 or 2.5 teams we are happy to set up a Barbarian team where your club might provide the coach but we will publicise-months /weeks in advance, there is a Barbarian team at this age group and anybody with spare players and often there are teams only entering one age group but have accompanying siblings of different ages looking to play. That way we esnure the Barbarian team plays a full part in the competition on an equl footign as all other teams and is satisfactory for the players as well as their parents.

Accommodation-will all members of the same team be put on the same accommodation site?
Yes – definitely unless you request otherwise, or team members and families decide on different types of accommodation which may not be on the same site.

Accommodation-will all teams taking part in the same competition be put on the same accommodation site?
No-where possible AcumenEdge Ltd are using independent accommodation providers so not all teams taking part in the same festival will be on the same accommodation site. In some festivals the numbers are so large it is not possible to find an accommodation site large enough.

Is there transport between accommodation and the venue?
Transport between the accommodation and the venue is not included in the prices quoted unless stated.

Camping at the Venues
Open Fires are not allowed at any of the camping venues. Portable BBQ’s are welcome but please keep them off any playing areas and try to keep them off grass areas.

Gazebos, Tents, Awnings
Teams are more than welcome to bring along and set up gazebos, large tents, and awnings to provide a seating area, cover from rain and sun shade for their groups. Please set them up at least TWO metres away from any rugby  playing areas. These can be left set up overnight but must be well secured , and pegged down in the event of inclement windy weather.

Sports Goggles – can my children play rugby with glasses on?
The IRB has approved a global trial whereby approved Rugby Goggles can be worn in all levels of Rugby.

The new Rugby Goggles have been developed to enable people who require corrective lenses to wear goggles that are safe to themselves, their team-mates and opponents. They will also allow people with monocular vision or chronic eye conditions who wish to wear Rugby Goggles while playing contact Rugby.

The approved Rugby Goggles are not designed to provide extra protection for players with chronic eye conditions, but if such players consider them to be beneficial they can be worn for that purpose. Features of the approved Rugby Goggles include high-speed impact resistance, anti-abrasion surfaces, anti-fogging, UV protection and a specially designed strap with no clips, buckles or sharp edges. Only those Rugby Goggles bearing the IRB trial-approved logo can be worn with referees empowered to make the necessary checks. 

 The global law trial means that anyone can wear the Rugby Goggles once confirmation has been received from an ophthalmologist (or similar medical professional) although Unions are required to participate in the trial before a player under its jurisdiction can participate in the trial. 

 “If the trial is to be instructive, we will require feedback from all participants about the Rugby Goggles so all participants will be requested to provide feedback during and at the end of the trial,” said Griffiths. 

 The approved Rugby Goggles are not available in retail outlets. They can be purchased direct from the manufacturer’s website – – and only after registration on the IRB Passport system. This is to ensure that everyone who uses them will be in the system for providing feedback on the trial.

To order these googles the IRB require that all purchasers take part in the Global Trial so to register and purchase these goggles click on the link below or copy the link into your browser.

Read the new guidelines on goggles here