2020 Mini Rugby Series

2020 International Mini & Youth Rugby Series

Plans are well in place for the 2020 International Mini & Youth Rugby Series. 2020 is the 12th year of the International Mini & Youth Rugby Series that has seen teams visiting from all parts of the UK – England ,Wales,Scotland and Ireland as well as teams from South Africa,Bermuda and the Netherlands.


As well as teams from the UK home nations, teams from France, The Netherlands, Italy, USA, South Africa, Bermuda, New Zealand, Spain and Canada have been invited.


  • To challenge young players by playing different rugby teams both from the UK and abroad.
  • To challenge mini rugby coaches by introducing their teams to new and different teams.
  • To attract and entertain whole families at the festivals.
  • To introduce families to new areas and to the sport of mini rugby.
  • To encourage more youngsters into playing sport regularly.