Welcome to International Mini & Youth Rugby

About The International Mini & Youth Rugby Series

Now in its 15th year the International Mini & Youth Rugby Series aims to bring together teams from around the UK as well as abroad so that your team, plays teams you have not met previously, and hopefully do not meet during your regular season.

This is a tour for all the family with other activities available, and a small local shopping experience.

2023 Mini & Youth Rugby Festivals & Tours

The International Mini & Youth Rugby Series 2023 Festivals and Tours take place in:

  • Chichester:  Saturday 29th and 30th April 2023 for Age Groups Under 7 to Under  15

This is the 15th year of the International Mini & Youth Rugby Series.

All Festivals are played in accordance with the RFU Regulation 15 for all  Age Groups.

International Mini & Youth Rugby Series – A Rugby Tour Like No Other

As a participating team taking accommodation in the International Mini Rugby Series you will:

  • Be guaranteed to play 6 games across the two days against at least 5 other teams*
  • hopefully you will not meet teams from your regular fixture list. 
  • And there is time to do other team building tour activities if you wish.

We invite teams to take part from all over the UK and from abroad.

*Provided all payments are made on time in accordance with the payment schedule.And does not apply in 2023 to Under 13, Under 14 & Under 15 Competitions and to all teams who register after Wednesday 1 February 2023.