International Mini and Youth Rugby Series 2021

Despite the current COVID-19 situation we at IMRS are confident we will be holding the 2021 versions of the International Mini Rugby Series at Windermere (17 – 18 April 2021) and Chichester (1 – 2 May 2021).

We have the flexibility to hold these Events at short notice because:-

  • We have a variety of accommodations available not just one
  • We will not take any payments until the COVID -19 criteria detailed below have been met.
  • We have over 16 acres of outside space available to us – larger than the largest rugby stadium in the world – Twickenham at 10.25 acres
  • Safe distancing will be easily maintained.
  • Our Accommodation providers have provided flexibility not open to many other tour organisers.
  • Our venues are operating currently.

The three COVID 19 criteria to be met are as follows:-

  1. The RFU Return to Rugby stage must be at stage F currently stage D
  2. The stadium permitted spectator attendence must be over 2000
  3. Outdoor Organised Team and Childrens Organised team sport return to being exempt from the group of 6 (if still aplicable) rules.

To apply for the International Mini Rugby Series 2021 complete our online enquiry form or email us at

October 7, 2020 4:59 pm

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