Registration Extended

With teams registering for all three IMRS 2014 Festivals in Shropshire, Cumbria and Chichester places are filling up fast and teams need to register as soon as possilbe in order to get their preferred choice of accommodation. 

Some common questions have been asked to which the answers are below:-

New Rules-the rules being played at the IMRS 2014 are on the Rules and regulations section of our website as updated 1 August 2013. Copies can be downloaded.

Playing format – The IMRS play a league so you play all teams in your Age Group and the league lostiosn are decided by points. There are no semin finals or finals but some Age Groups may have playoff games to decide final league positions.

A+B-there will be A + B groups in each Age Group if there are enough teams.

November 12, 2013 12:00 am

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